Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Audio books

There is much and more I will say about audio books, but the TL;DR summary is: I love them.

So much, in fact, that I really don't read any more at all. I listen instead to about a book a fortnight, and they make my commute to work and my sporadic bouts of exercise almost pleasurable.

From the very beginning of this journey into publication I have been thinking about making an audio book. I had hoped that I would get this done by professionals, but the cost to hire a voice actor and studio is prohibitive to say the least. So I made a decision......

After a bit of advice from G+ user Kenn Crawford I went to Amazon and purchased a Blue Snowball usb microphone and a pop shield. I've just installed GarageBand and so I think i'm ready.

This is what my setup looks like. (I stole the mic stand from the music room at school)

So now I just need to surgically transplant Patrick Stewart's voice box and i'm good to go.

Wish me luck.


Ok -- I now have an initial test recording that I'd love some feedback on.


Thursday, March 14, 2013

much ado about maps

Aside from biting my nails, a great way to use up the time (yes, yes -- I should just get on with draft one of book three already-- I know! Shut up. No one even asked you) is to tinker with some litteral world-building.

It turns out that the part of my brain that photoshops is vastly different from the part that writes. This means I can throw myself into the cartography of Arkadia without the usual anxiety of writing about it, and dare I say it, even have a bit of fun.

So here is what I'm up to. As always, any and all feedback would be brilliant.

In other news, google reader is ending. W.T.F. How am I going to keep up with all my blogs? All my sub-reddits? all my XKCD? Must I actually start visiting webpages again like its 1995?



Saturday, March 2, 2013

Draft away!


That was the subject line of the email I just sent to my publisher at Dragonfall press.

It has been a mad few months, but like everyone on the internet says: the book business takes time.

I received some feedback mid January from two trusted beta readers. One said it was brilliant, the other that it was far too ambitious. I'd like to think they were both right.

Now it is out of my hands for a while and I am free. Free to stress about what he will make of it; free to worry about the next book; free to throw myself back into the world of social media that I have abandoned since Christmass.

Tomorrow I am going to take part in my first sword fighting tournament. I hope that being belted around by longsword wielding men in kilts to the sound of bagpipes will be just the thing to distract me.