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the next day

One more sleep 'till launch.

How to make a book trailer.

we are Go For Launch

Stay tuned: Book launch imminent

The proof is in the pudding.

Oh, honey. Your first novel!

I think I just finished.

The sanity of an good editor

A rose by any other name....

Italian food, wine and books.

My Galaxy

3rd campaigner challenge

3 things I should do while waiting for feedback (but what I really do instead)

Second blogfest challenge: Food for the Imago

Worst movies ever

Competitions are fun. Let's do another one.

first campaigner challenge

This is one award I hope never to get again.

info dumps and other bodily functions.

We're gonna need a bigger platform.

On covers and launches

Write off, write on.

Coming soon.....

And the award goes to.... Me!

Language of magick.

So I've finally found the easy way to network socially

the importance of a quiet corner.

So it begins again.

the job of books.

things I learned this week #5

Things I learned this week #4

Things I learned this week #3