Even my procrastination is work now.

In the interest of sanity I didn't attack TLBE tonight. I'm only 9 chapters away from completion, but I feel like i'm reading someone else's book right now, so need to sleep on it.
In the meantime, instead of watching Game of Thrones -- really not sure if this show is going to be worth it, or if it is just Tudors with Dragons -- I decided to work on my map.

The good people at Cartographer's guild have been giving me some more feedback on the last copy (which I named "final map" or something appropriately shortsighted) and it was about time I listened.

As I said in their forums however, I feel like I may have jumped the shark on the design. So, like the book itself, I will have to look at it again with more sleep between me and my anxiety.


"I have never let my schooling interfere with my education." - Mark Twain


  1. Procrastination is so easy to succumb to for all of us. Sounds like your revisions are exhausting, but the finished product will be worthwhile.


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