Ode to the workspace

In honor of my recent completion of my new man cave study, I have decided to make a post encouraging you all to write a short ode to the space in which you work.

Given that I am still trying to push book 1, this will also be a competition, and every entry will receive a free .epub copy of The Dragon and the Crow. All you have to do is write a short piece of verse or prose that honours the little corner of the world where your creations take place.

Post your entry in the comments on my blog and viola! a free ebook will be yours. For an added bonus, take a snapshot of your workspace too.

Here's mine,

This is the culmination of quite a bit of work over the last 10 weekends. I decided that book 2 could not be written at the kitchen table like book 1. So with borrowed tools I ripped apart the garage and turned the space into a study and lounge room. This was all meant to take about a month of solid work over the January holidays, but renovation just follows timelines about as much as my writing.

Then yesterday I finished, and last night book 2 began in a torrent of words.

But more on that in a second. First lets take a closer look.

Yes, those are what you think, and they have been in boxes since I left home 13 years ago. Now they are free and I can once again work beneath the plastic stares of luke and his gang.

Also, that is a rubik's rings, and the only rubik thing I could ever work out.

Moving around we can see my new printer (which has already come in handy making real my 10 page synopsis of book 2), my lego mini fig collection (My wife found me a red, green and blue wizard, along with a witch) as well as the map of southern Arkadia. Also, you may notice the one hanging figurine under the printer desk. Yes, I broke the cardinal rule and opened one of my sar wars toys. I could not help it. It was cloud city Luke, complete with hanging antena array, and detachable hand. You would have done the same. Some toys are made to be opened.

Next we can see my small collection of books, with the ones I want to absorb the most good vibes from at the front. On the wall is my framed contract, sitting above my head to remind me that no matter how low my kindle sales rank falls, I am still officially an author.

And an author needs a comfy place to sit and work. This is mine, and I can now type in a position that does not lead to back spasms 3 hours in.

The only thing I still want in here is a dedicated monitor I can attach in portrait landscape, but since I have now spent all my money, this will have to wait.

Also, I started writing book 2 last night, (did I mention that) and am already a few thousand words in. This blog post is the biggest break I am allowing myself while I make up for lost time.

So, I want to hear about your space. Tell me, show me, write a poem about it, and a copy of my book will fly along the intertubes to your inbox.



  1. I have a desk in my living room but I usually write in the easy chair with the laptop as it's so much more comfortable. Your office looks amazing, by the way. I wish we had room in our tiny house to put in an office.

    PS: I already have a copy of your book for my Kobo so I don't need another. Thanks anyway. :)


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