The value of time.

Touch typing crept up on me slowly. One day I just realised that my fingers knew where everything was. Even now I find it weird. The same goes for learning the more subtle craft of writing. I think we pick up more than we know, and sometimes, leaving a piece of work in a drawer for a year or two gives us just enough time to get good enough to make it better.

On the recent break, amongst the furious drive to pump out 1000 words an hour on Book 2, I decided to re-edit an old short story I had lying around. I had heard about a new online magazine, Dark Edifice, who were accepting open submissions for weirder SF tales. So I dusted off the draft which I had sent out once and received one firm rejection for in early 2009, and tried again.

Turns out, the only cure for the horrible first-week-back-at-school-blues is finding out a short story has been accepted for publication. 

'Saved' is a 4000 word story about a young girl, Molly, whose idilic life becomes a little more perfect when her prayers for a puppy are answered. When Molly's puppy runs away, she goes looking for him, but instead finds people that even the town pastor does not speak of -- outcasts who have rejected God's love. And they'll do anything not to go back to Hell.

Stay tuned for the October issue of Dark Edifice.


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