One of my short stories was just published...

it is called 'Saved' and will most likely upset Christian readers. Oh well.

Find it in the third edition of Dark Edifice magazine here.

An excerpt to give you an idea:

“Look what Jesus sent me,” Molly said with a smirk. Her brother’s face went red.
“Oh come on!” he said, turning to their father and throwing his hands in the air just 
like their mother did when news of the heathens was playing on the monitor. “A dog? I 
prayed for three months for a cart and all I got was a bike.”
“Daniel Jacob Braithwaite, do not question God’s will,” their mother said, pointing 
with a fork. “Your sister asked with pure heart and Jesus saw fit to bless her. Had your own 
request been more pure, you may have had God’s blessing. Now go right back up those stairs 
and put on your good pants, you will not be late for bible group again.”

Warning: It gets darker from here.



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