Terry Gilliam spells it out

I've been agonising over a simple way to sum up all that I feel is wrong with so many books and films. The Three Act Structure tells us to plot our tales in a proven formula, and while great works can come from that recipe, most tend towards a homogeneous flavour.

Then along comes Terry Gilliam, master of the absurd, to make it all so simple...

In answering a question, a story defines its meaning. Spielberg gives nice answers to hard questions, which is why he has a big house. Gilliam's answers are not so simple, but I know who i'd rather visit for dinner.

This is doubly poignant for me as we are currently looking for our own house upgrade. I need to remember to see these potential homes through the eyes of my 5 year old. He isn't interested in the size of the bedrooms, all he wants is to live close to his friends and have a patch of bamboo to make a cubby in.



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