So where were we?

That's right. Books. Writing. Publishing. Sigh.

Short story: Satalyte closed. That makes it two small press that have taken on The Dragon and the Crow and then gone under.

My plan now is to self publish on amazon. It is a long shot, but it could be third time lucky and force amazon out of business too.

So where to now?

I have had a break from the world of Magickless. Book 2 is still ready to go, but I can't open it again just yet.

But I have been busy.

I have a new novel in the works about vampires, rock stars and space. Anyone interested to be a beta reader, please message me.

Some flash fiction I wrote is going into the Bath Flash-fiction Anthology Vol. 2, and I just got the contract for a short story I wrote called BetaU that will appear in the magazine, Metaphorosis.

Activate the omega 13!


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