Worst movies ever

So it seems like everyone is doing this, and so after slamming my head against the wall at some other bloggers choice, I thought i'd throw my own into the mix.

It would be easy to go to the IMDB and just pick the random worse rated, but lets shake it up a little. This is my list of the worst 10 movies that other people tend to like.

1, Incendes.

When did rape and incest make a bad film good. It was like people were coerced into liking this from some form of middle class guilt. Sometimes terrible things are just that, and nothing can be learned, nor enjoyed from watching it. It should have been called Incesties.

2, Forrest Gump.

Sigh. This one is going to sting, but any film whose central message is that the ultimate form of goodness and spiritual enlightenment is essentially to get a lobotomy needs to be forgotten.

3, Harry Potter (all of them)

Now settle down, I havent read the books and I'm sure they are all just flipping brilliant, but the films are next to unwatchable. I like a complex plot as much as the next guy, but just how many contrivances can one movie have? After the 10th McGuffin I wanted to gouge my eyes out.

4, Avatar

I hate this film. It is anti science, anti intellectual, and anti fun. Even dragons couldn't save this one. The experience was almost exactly like eating an entire packet of m&m's: colourful, sweet, but very quickly nauseous.

5, Inception

One day all the people who liked this film will wake and realise it was all a drrrreeeeaaammmm. Needlessly complex to the point of being obtuse.

6, Citizen Kane

One day I will drink enough coffee to stay awake through this one. But it hasn't happened yet.

7, The Green Mile

When will people realise that the 'magic black man' trope is more racist than the KKK. I hate this film, mostly because they were obviously trying to make "The Shawshank Redemption 2"

8, There Will be Blood

Maybe, but call me when it gets here, in the meantime I will watch another episode of Deadwood.

9, In Bruges

Soooo many people I know loved this film. The same people insisted I would too. They were wrong. One of the few films I have ever walked out of.

10, Revenge of the Sith

I could not bring myself to make this list without putting this monstrosity on it. Everyone says it was the best of the prequels, as if one kind of shit is better than another. There is only one thing to say about this movie: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

There you have it. Hate away, haters.



  1. I haven't seen all of these. I disagree with you about Inception and totally agree with you about Citizen Kane :-)

    And if everybody hated the same thing, this blogfest would have been damn boring to read :-)

  2. Oh T. B. I love you for including Avatar and the prequel mess that ruined my childhood memories of Darth Vader. Great to meet you through this blogfest.

  3. I completely agree with you about Citizen Kane. It's the Emperor's New Clothes of movies. Nobody wants to point out how mind-numbingly dull it is. I'm with you with Revenge of the Sith as well -- has anyone ever met anyone who liked that?

    Not Inception though. I loved Inception. If it was a book you'd want to beat yourself on the head with it, but visually it was fantastic.

  4. OK, I enjoyed the HP movies and The Green Mile, and I LOVED Inception. Having said that, I will not be attempting to throw tomatoes at you through my computer screen (namely because it would ruin my computer screen! Lol...). And now that I think of it, yes, the magic black man trope could be construed as racist. I do, however, agree with you about Citizen Kane. Classic movies are apparently like classic books - booooooooring.

  5. OK...I will post soon my worst as I just found Alex's blog and then yours. I Like Citizen Kane-not love but do agree why it is often on the top 10 list but I am a lover of old film and have a library of film books...yup I am a dork:) I also thought Inception was quite good and I like Harry Potter. I have seen , more than once Forrest Gump-why more than once....I was so sick i couldn't change the channel. That is the emperor's new clothes-Stupid is as stupid does. Stupid film. Avatar was mind blowingly bad. Take any simple western flick (I mean the bad ones) and you have Avatar with effects. I hate that film. I am just too tired and bored with the whole Star Wars as well. I would say the worst are with those stupid Ewoks. I half expect them to sell me downy to make my clothes soft. I hate those furry twits who seems to bring down the army with little rocks...ughh

  6. Run, Forrest, Run!! I have to admit, I liked the show--the first time. Even cried. Now when I watch it, I just feel like it showed a guy who was exploited at every turn but kept smiling. LIke a propaganda film. Seems like a lot of the Oscar worthy films are ones I am unsatisfied with in the end.

  7. I saw Forest Gump was I was younger and enjoyed it. Then I watched it as an adult and could not figure out WHY I liked it in the first place. Agree with Inception too. I really LOVED it until I realized it was all a freaking dream and then i was like whaaaat??? No way. It's just poor writing to make it all a dream If you can't figure out the ending then that's a sign you shouldn't be writing it in the first place. Great list!!

  8. NOOOOO!!! I loved Revenge of the Sith! Okay yeah I'm obsessed with Star Wars so that's probably why but I really loved that movie!

    But I agree with you on Harry Potter! The movies are really bad. I've read some of the books and they're good but the movies? No way.

  9. I'll agree with you on about four of these and even let the rest pass, but what the heck Travis? You didn't like Avatar? That is the number one best movie of all time!!! That's a universal dream of every Sci-Fi guru to transfer their soul into a nifty way cool alien body. How did you not like it? :)

  10. I have to disagree on the Harry Potter films.

    The big issue I have with Forest Gump is that the idiot main character falls ass-backwards into the baby boomer zeitgeist (and I hate boomer movies) while his best friend and girl friend are the ones that die from it all. Moral of the story? It is better to be a stupid white man than a woman or black man.

  11. I never saw Incendes. Sounds like I didn't miss a thing.

    A few on your list are on my "I like these movies" list, but that's what makes this blogfest great. Differenct viewpoints on things.

    Now, Citizen Kane...uhhh...I tried, I really tried to watch beyond the fellow saying "Rosebud", but just couldn't do it. It was utterly painful.

  12. What an interesting list! I agree with some of the HP movies and the "magical black man/woman" trope in movies (Um, anyone see The Stand? Same idea...).

  13. This is a good list, but I have to admit I liked the Harry Potter movies. I even want to visit the Disney Hogwart theme park. :)

  14. harry potter is going to turn you into a frog with one wave of his magic wand...
    i love bad/worst movies, these lists are tough!

  15. Most of the Star Ward prequels were bad. Guess I never want to wake up then - dug Inception.
    Thanks for participating in my blogfest!

  16. I can't believe I totally forgot about Forrest Gump - now there's a movie I loathed, thanks for dredging up that memory ;)

  17. haters always hatin'. so what do you consider a good movie.

  18. I've only watched a few of these, the rest didn't really grab my attention as a good movie to begin with. I'll always love Star Wars and Avatar.
    HP I can take or leave. Still haven't watched the last two films. And I've never been interested in the books.
    I got bored with the Green Mile and Forrest Gump though. Mercifully, they were free to view at the time.

  19. I'm glad I found your blog, because I agree with a lot of the movies on your list. I'm not a Star Wars fan at all, much to my fiance's dismay, and most people just stare at me with a look of horror on their faces when I say that. You know what you like, and I'm glad you weren't afraid to be honest. :)

  20. You are right about what you said going in. I agree with only two of three of your choices.
    Hey, that is what makes it all interesting!

  21. I agree on all of them. Okay; Forrest Gump I must have been in a mood but I did like it when I first saw it. I do not like it the 10th time I've seen it!

  22. I agree on all of them. Okay; Forrest Gump I must have been in a mood but I did like it when I first saw it. I do not like it the 10th time I've seen it!

  23. The majority of the movies on your list I have not seen. I agree on three of them and disagree about one – “Citizen Kane” – but I respect you for being bold enough to cry foul on some movies that the Americonned People seem to worship.

    None of those movies on your list which I have seen would have made my Top Ten Worst list, but 3 of them would have made my Most Overrated Movies list. They are: Forrest Gump, The Green Mile, and There Will Be Blood.

    To be “overrated”, of course, means that a movie must generally be highly regarded in the first place.

    Forrest Gump is just "Being There" lite. And "Being There" is ABSOLUTELY one of the most overrated movies EVER! It was a 5-minute ‘Saturday Night Live’ comedy sketch idea stretched out over about 90 minutes. The way 'Being There' was praised by the critics and loved by the ordinary American maroon was proof positive that our society was well along on the slippery slope of idiocy.

    The Green Mile telegraphed every move... by a "COUNTRY MILE"... and it was trying SO HARD you could see it sweating. Hated it!

    There Will Be Blood – Ugh! I had high hopes for this one because I’d heard so many good things about it. Total, TOTAL let-down. I always think of it in conjunction with another movie released around the same time that was being equally heralded as a modern classic, which also turned out to be abysmal crap: No Country For Old Men. Hate ‘em both, although “No Country” reeled me in at first and I thought it might live up to its billing, but then it gradually went to hell and disappointed me beyond words.

    Citizen Kane. Can’t agree with you here. And not because I’m afraid to publicly slaughter sacred cows (anyone who knows me, whether they like me or not, knows that I’m never shy about being my own man and going it alone).

    The first time I saw Citizen Kane I thought: What’s the big deal?

    I later came to realize – upon multiple viewings – that it deserves to be seen for its advances in cinematography ALONE!

    I’m not saying it’s a GREAT movie – I don’t own it, which definitely means something. But it is a good movie, that reveals itself – its layers – slowly, like an onion being pulled apart.

    Yes, it seems plodding and boring by contemporary society’s MTV-short-term attention span, but give it time.

    I would say that the primary reason I do like Citizen Kane is because it addresses one of the literary and cinematic themes most near and dear to my heart: ‘Innocence Lost’, or ‘Childhood Remembered’.

    I would suggest this: Read the greatest children’s book of all time, “The House At Pooh Corner” by A.A. Milne, and pay special attention to the final chapter (in my opinion, the saddest piece of writing ever printed).

    Then watch Citizen Kane again and see if you can find a parallel.

    I enjoyed reading your post, Brother!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    ‘Loyal American Underground’

  24. I won't hold the Harry movies against you. Having read the books, the only film that I loved was the very first one. Once Richard Harris died, I was incredibly annoyed at the new Dumbledore.

  25. I forgot to mention, I've left you an award on my blog!

  26. Inception seemed to me like one of those paint-splattered canvases that everyone talks about in hushed tones as conveying some great philosophical or societal concept, when all I see is a mess.

    I just left the theatre feeling tired and confused. The only special effect I enjoyed was the shot of the streets rolling up, which made me pleasantly woozy.

  27. Yes definitely agree on Revenge of the Sith, and though I did love some of the others, I also recognized their weaknesses. I'm glad you pointed out why you didn't like them because there are some valid reasons - the Green Mile in particular. i'm glad there are some movie-goers who can see past all the gloss and gee-whiz visuals! (Visiting from your Campaigner group #4 (YA/MG) fellow dragon friend here)

  28. Even though I'm not a huge fan of Harry Potter (flame on, people) I enjoyed most of the movies.

    I suppose I went into each one expecting a fun fantasy romp, which is exactly what I got. Although I have to say, when the movies started getting darker I was caught slightly off-guard (having not read the books before). But after taking a couple of years to adjust, I found them to be enjoyable.

  29. I love Citizen Kane and There Will Be Blood, but I'm with you on Inception.

    Dave Wrote This

  30. Movies are as personal as book choices - no hate from me!
    Agree with you on all but the HP movies. Yup, you gotta read the books to get. (and if you didn't read the books, wth are you doing watching the movies?)


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