Sunday, July 31, 2011

So I've finally found the easy way to network socially

Turns out, there is a free chrome extension that can consolidate facebook and twitter into google+. Brilliant.

It takes a "stream" from g+ and posts it to twitter and facebook, but the really cool thing is that it can do the reverse -- adding facebook wall posts and tweets into your google+ stream. So all you need is the one place. So far so good.

Step #2 in world domination is to actually finish the novel to have something to promote.

Anyone still need a google+ invite? 

Here is the copy of my soul I uploaded to google. Come and say hello. It is fully interactive.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

the importance of a quiet corner.

I have been struggling a bit to get back into the swing of things.

The last draft I did here there and everywhere. But I'm finding this last push requires a little more focus. I'm trying now to bring it all together, and it is a fine line between polishing the prose and buffing so hard an important detail is lost.

This writing desk was my grandfathers, and I find it helps. The fact that it is in my parents home makes it awkward, but thankfully they are out on a holiday at the moment so I have the place to myself.

In a strange way it feels right to come back to the nest for the final touches. 

By my next novel, however, I intend to own a log cabin beach retreat.

The desk will look lovely next to the open fireplace.


Here is the copy of my soul I uploaded to google. Come and say hello. It is fully interactive.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

So it begins again.

Getting close to turning of my targeting computer.

I'm trying to stay positive about the continued collapse of the publishing industry while I start this final final final draft. My publisher is cutting its prices, bookstores and distributers are going out of business, but like my editor said: people still need their stories.

I just hope that by Christmas when Magickless comes out, things are looking better. 

I'm trying to visualise this as the training montage in Rocky 2. 

Here is the copy of my soul I uploaded to google. Come and say hello. It is fully interactive.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

the job of books.

So a few things have finally come together.

I have been without interwebs for the past week as I said goodbye to one ISP and hello to another. With that finally sorted, I then received the email today I have been waiting/dreading for a month now.

This time, the sight of the endless column of revisions to the right of the word document filled me with joy rather than dread for I realised that I was looking at the hours of work someone else had put into my book. And this someone had already put in far more than most editors would. 

I have never met my editor, nor have I even read one of his books (an oversight I will soon remedy) but I imagine him like God in the picture above. I just hope he holds off from squashing me and decides to use the "make his book better" button a little longer.

And to think I once thought I could self publish. *facepalm*

I have a tentative release for Christmas, so that will give me time now to finish this draft, and then go through all the other things that need to happen for a manuscript to become a book.

Now I need at least one more glass of wine to better come to terms with the death of another 5,000 of my darlings. They were superfluos to be sure, but all those "its" and "likes" and "looking into his eyes" will not be forgotten, even though they are now part of revision history.


Here is the copy of my soul I uploaded to google. Come and say hello. It is fully interactive.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

things I learned this week #5

Social media can be hard.

So now I have a twitter, blog, tumblr, facebook, youtube, and now a google plus.

Please will somebody tell me what to do with these all?

I think I have the tumblr set to feed into the twitter (or is it the other way around?) and my blog set to go to my facebook and my tumblr. This will then send my post to my twitter as mentioned before, which will in turn send it to my google buzz. But does my Buzz go to my Plus? I just don't know. And what if I post on my plus directly? will that go to my twitter which I have linked in to my account? And for the love of god can I just consolidate all this crap into one place?

If anyone suggests myspace here I'll kill them.

The good news is I have infinite invites to google plus. If anyone wants one just email me with the address you consider your master contact email. I'm serious people. In a few years when we are up to html 9 and Web 6.0 our main concern is going to be which link points to the right version of ourselves. 

For now, I'm putting my money on our google masters and saying that this is me.


Blog, tumblr, twitter. -- What started as a rant about how hard it is to get published, is now a journal of how hard publishing is.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Things I learned this week #4

Stay positive!

I know it should be the rule that as soon as you get a publishing contract all the anxieties of writing evaporate. But it just isn't so. I sent the last draft to my editor 17 days and 5 hours ago (not that I'm counting) and since then I've felt myself sinking into a bit of a malaise. To try and stay focused I've dabbled with a rough edit of a book trailer; I've poked here and there at my map, hell, I've even made a new test book cover all in the vain attempt to keep the  momentum alive. But slowly, slowly, the fears creep back.

What if the book doesn't sell? What if my publisher realises the book is terrible and dissolves my contract? What if they decide the publishing industry is failed and they close down business all together?

And around and around it goes.

So that brings me to perhaps my all time favorite childhood movie. Up there with Flash (ahhh ahhhh) Gordon, The Last Starfighter and the Princess Bride. And that is, of course, the Neverending Story.

So just what was neverending about it, some may well ask? I think it should be obvious by now. Despair is the never-ending threat to all protagonists. Once all the dragons are dead and all the evil Witches and Warlocks slain, there will still be the fears inside us. Even an awesome horse and young chosen one can succumb to its clutches right at the peak of their quest -- even right after a montage of adventure and action. That pivotal scene (which is still almost impossible for me to watch as a 30 something adult) is a wonderful bit of narrative foreshadowing. The Swamps of Sadness are in every way a tiny piece of what the threat of The Nothing represents. There are no fire spurts, no lightning sand, not even an ROUS to attack our hero. Just a swamp that will suck you down as soon as it senses that you have doubt in your heart. 

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure the first time I was able to actually watch that scene through to the end, I was yelling at Artax along with Atreyu and Bastian to stay positive.

This is real life though. It's not a story and no amount of shouting makes one iota of difference at 3am in the morning when the windmills of doubt are creaking in my mind. 

But then I discovered today what does: Gardening.

I finally pulled myself away from the screen and began to prune the roses. Then I ripped out 6 months of weeds and 2 years worth of overgrown passionfruit. Finally I attacked the massive pile of vines and grass with the lawnmower. Afterwards, all that was left on the lawn was a fine spread of mulch, and all that was left in my heart was the satisfaction of conquest. Fuck you, self doubt. 

And sure enough, when I got back inside, there was an email from my editor, telling me the reason this draft was taking so long.

But that is another story. 


Blog, tumblr, twitter. -- What started as a rant about how hard it is to get published, is now a journal of how hard publishing is.