So it begins again.

Getting close to turning of my targeting computer.

I'm trying to stay positive about the continued collapse of the publishing industry while I start this final final final draft. My publisher is cutting its prices, bookstores and distributers are going out of business, but like my editor said: people still need their stories.

I just hope that by Christmas when Magickless comes out, things are looking better. 

I'm trying to visualise this as the training montage in Rocky 2. 

Here is the copy of my soul I uploaded to google. Come and say hello. It is fully interactive.


  1. It's a weird time in publishing, for sure. But story is King; people will always need it. It's just a matter of finding a way for authors to actually support themselves doing it that's the trick.

  2. Don't stop writing. Stay strong. We all want to read your story. I will check out your soul soon. :)


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