things I learned this week #5

Social media can be hard.

So now I have a twitter, blog, tumblr, facebook, youtube, and now a google plus.

Please will somebody tell me what to do with these all?

I think I have the tumblr set to feed into the twitter (or is it the other way around?) and my blog set to go to my facebook and my tumblr. This will then send my post to my twitter as mentioned before, which will in turn send it to my google buzz. But does my Buzz go to my Plus? I just don't know. And what if I post on my plus directly? will that go to my twitter which I have linked in to my account? And for the love of god can I just consolidate all this crap into one place?

If anyone suggests myspace here I'll kill them.

The good news is I have infinite invites to google plus. If anyone wants one just email me with the address you consider your master contact email. I'm serious people. In a few years when we are up to html 9 and Web 6.0 our main concern is going to be which link points to the right version of ourselves. 

For now, I'm putting my money on our google masters and saying that this is me.


Blog, tumblr, twitter. -- What started as a rant about how hard it is to get published, is now a journal of how hard publishing is.


  1. Travis, the social network kills me. All I seem to have time for is blogging. You can teach me a few things....please do, once you find something out.

  2. I'm sort of with you on the social networking thing. It's time-consuming, confusing, and can prove to be straight up annoying. The only thing that makes it worthwhile it is finding wonderful writers like yourself who feel just as lost and irritated as I do. :) I've got a twitter, a blog and a facebook. I don't even want to think about youtube, myspace, or the google plus thing, though I'm sure it will be huge.
    Good luck to you, and I'll most likely be seeing you on myspace one day. Joke - don't shoot me.

  3. Nice blog TB ... and I popped in at the right time. The plethora of these sites/services etc (I don't even know what to call them any more) is becoming overwhelming. I have no idea how to keep up with it all, so mostly I don't.


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