the job of books.

So a few things have finally come together.

I have been without interwebs for the past week as I said goodbye to one ISP and hello to another. With that finally sorted, I then received the email today I have been waiting/dreading for a month now.

This time, the sight of the endless column of revisions to the right of the word document filled me with joy rather than dread for I realised that I was looking at the hours of work someone else had put into my book. And this someone had already put in far more than most editors would. 

I have never met my editor, nor have I even read one of his books (an oversight I will soon remedy) but I imagine him like God in the picture above. I just hope he holds off from squashing me and decides to use the "make his book better" button a little longer.

And to think I once thought I could self publish. *facepalm*

I have a tentative release for Christmas, so that will give me time now to finish this draft, and then go through all the other things that need to happen for a manuscript to become a book.

Now I need at least one more glass of wine to better come to terms with the death of another 5,000 of my darlings. They were superfluos to be sure, but all those "its" and "likes" and "looking into his eyes" will not be forgotten, even though they are now part of revision history.


Here is the copy of my soul I uploaded to google. Come and say hello. It is fully interactive.


  1. I'm glad your revisions are now giving you pleasure. I imagine your editor could be like God, peeking at you through a tiny hole. Pop a bottle of smooth Merlot and stick it to them. :)


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