And the award goes to.... Me!

Alas, it is not the World Fantasy Award.... yet.

I was given the Liebster blog award yesterday by Lisa L. Regan. Thank you Lisa.

Part of the rules are that I have to link on to 3 more blogs that like mine, are yet to attract more than 300 people to follow.

So here goes.

First, if you are at all interested in my previous post about the language of magick, then head over to Solresol which was made by the honorary Wizard, Garrison Osteen. Garrison is the one helping me write spells and he recently finished translating all the forgotten words of solresol, collating them together into a spreadsheet. He is the go-to man for anything Solresol, and by default, any spell you may be in need of. Thank you Garrison.

Next up is Indie-Debut which I can't believe does not yet have 300 followers. It is a great place to see what small independent publishers are releasing, and has lots of info on a whole lot of writing related issues. I especially like this post on why new writers should never start out with a trilogy.

And last but by no means least, is the blog of Laila Knight. Laila was my first follower, and her comments keep me positive when things seem slow. She is also a writer, and has a ... hrrm --  How do you say it -- knack with the touchy subject of sex. 


Here is the copy of my soul I uploaded to google. Come and say hello. It is fully interactive.


  1. Thanks, Travis. Our first award for Indie Debut. w00t!

  2. Congrats on this award! Looks like somebody got to you before I did. I decided to spare you from being panty tagged...I did't start it, honestly. I'm still baffled by your last post by the way. I know you explained a little about your social networking dealy but how did you connect it all, and what's that link you were talking about? Have a great day! :)

  3. Congratulations, Travis!
    I'm sure the Fantasy Award will show up later :)


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