Coming soon.....

I guess the cat is well and truly out of the bag. So I may as well announce the title to book one of the Magickless trilogy.

Coming soon indeed.

Here is the copy of my soul I uploaded to google. Come and say hello. It is fully interactive.


  1. Hi Travis. Had no idea Magickless was a trilogy. Does that say the Legacy Trilogy? It's tiny from this end. :)

  2. No, Legacy is another trilogy published by Dragonfall. Mine really can't be called a trilogy yet I guess, as i've not yet published book 1, and books 2 and 3 exist only as a synopsis at the moment. But The Dragon and the Crow is book 1 and hopefully it is going to make people want book 2 and 3. One thing is for certain, writing the next 2 won't take half as long as writing this one.

  3. The Dragon and the Crow...very nice. That conjures up some lovely pictures in my head. :) And just because they're not published yet that doens't mean it's not a trilogy.

  4. Point taken... I think it's more of a case of it might be a Robert Jordan situation, or *gasp* even a George R.R Martin. The story could easily blow out to 4, 5, 6, or even 7 books if i'm not careful.

    But I'm big on structure, and from the start it was a three book story arc. So fingers crossed, and I'll stick to calling it a trilogy.

    And I'm glad you like "the Dragon and the Crow" as a title. It was another thing that was there from the start, and in moments of doubt, it made me pull my socks up and write something that justified such an epic title.


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