On covers and launches

Just got home from the book launch of Danny Fahey's The Tree Singer.

Hosted by the good people at Readings (Thrilled no doubt at the collapse of Borders) tonight was the first book launch I have ever been too.

I'd normally avoid such an even for all the horrible feelings of inadequacy someone else's success conjures, but this was different. Mr. Fahey is an author with Dragonfall, this makes him blood of my blood. (sorry, been reading Game of Thrones)

So I learned a few things tonight. Like how wonderful it is going to be to publicly thank everyone who helped me on the journey. Like how amazing it will be to hold my book and read out a passage never to be edited again. Like how anyone who starts out to write a book shares a lonely story of drafting late into the night, red wine and self doubt. But mostly how much to relish the end of that journey. For you only get to start it once.

I picked up the book, of course, and so should you all. Danny also reminded me how important it is to read the proof editor's revisions with a sober and paranoid mind.

But as much as I was thrilled to witness Danny's moment, my eyes kept coming back to the advertising sign Dragonfall sent to the opening.

What's that you say? Over to the left besides the Dragonfall logo? Lets move in for a closer look.

That's right. A cover. My cover. And the way they have rendered it as a finished book makes me feel all funny on the inside. In a good way. What's that? A closer look you say? Okay. Enhance.

So what do you all think?


  1. I love this post. Beautifully written. Your cover looks amazing! How awesome!

  2. How totally cool, Travis! I'm so excited for you. OMG, it is amazing to see the finished product. I love the cover. Will be awaiting you whenever you come around on a book signing. :)


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